Some Crazy News!

So the post on origami the foldy cat means I will post some more images up down the track

Tomorrow night, thanks to supanova, I will be attending one of the first screenings of Kick-Ass 2 in Australia. I say one of because there’s about four screenings happening across the country, I think simultaneously so that’s very cool.
Having been an avid fan of the Comics, I’ve been waiting to see KA2 for sooo long, so to get the chance to see it a week prior to its general release here in Australia is fucking exciting.
I hope to post a review on it this week. My schedule is already looking pretty full right now, right after I see KA2, I’m off to see Nothing Hurts Robot at The Bendigo Hotel, so I’ll probably be out late because of this, then a full day on thursday, as well as having guests over on Thursday means I might not have a huge amount of time available to sit down and write the review as quickly as I want, but I’m committing to this so I have to find a way.

Last night, I finally locked in the venue for an EP launch in October with some awesome bands, stay tuned for that. ki