Kick-Ass 2 Review *Mild Spoilers*


Last wednesday, I was lucky enough to get invited along to the first Australian screening of Kick-Ass 2.
I wanted to post this earlier, but i felt like it would be a smarter idea to go and publish this the night before the official release.

Universal were on hand to supervise this screening. While we got free popcorn, no movie posters *shakes fist* but that’s ok, it was fun being watched by security armed with night vision goggles.

Anyway, let’s summarise how this film is.  And you will have to click on  more in order to see it!

So the film overall, is very awesome. I haven’t been able to shake the comic that this movie is based off and have to compare the film a little to the comic books, because I have this preconceived idea in my head about how the story was going to pan out, largely because the film followed the plotline of the second book.

If you care about it, the film version of Kick-Ass 2 does deviate away from the comic book, but not enough from the main plot and not in ways that affect the current cannon of the Kick-Ass 3 comic series (which I am reading right now, not all the issues have been released)
Fans of the mark Millar comic might wince at a minor deviation from story at the start of the film, but from there on in, it basically sticks to its source material.

The film starts off picking up a few years after events of the first film.

Mindy has been training and continuing to be hit girl during the few years since we last saw her and Dave has hung up his boots and left behind the world of Kick-Ass and crime fighting.

Just like in the first film, Dave – now a high school senior – has become bored and frustrated at his teenage existence, and decides he wants to do kick-ass again, only this time he asks Mindy to help him out in training & preparing. After a few montages, we then see Dave test out his training in an alleyway in NYC where he takes on a gang of thugs, only to fail a little and get saved by Hit Girl

Marcus – Mindy’s guardian – has cottoned onto Mindy’s antics after a scuffle in the city and starts getting her to face the ‘real world’ (and you’re going to hear those words a lot during the course of this film) and the fact she needs to live life as a teenager (this part of the story borrowing from Millar’s Hit-Girl Series) while Dave decides to step out as kick-ass.

One thing that bothered the fuck out of me was how Dave and his girlfriend Katie (how I met your mother girl) broke up. For as close as they were made out to be in the first film, we only ever see the pair on screen once during a scene where Dave is trying to talk to Mindy after she tells him she has to walk away from crime fighting forever.

Other than a shot in the montage where she couldn’t see Dave in the school cafeteria, Katie pretty much only has dialogue in once scene and mistakes Dave & Mindy’s training as Dave & Mindy dating each other.
The only thing that could have made this scene more awkward would be if the filmmakers teased a romantic link between Dave & Mindy later in the film.

Katie pretty much reveals she’s already been sleeping with another guy while Dave has been off training, yet Dave is the one who’s made out to be the bad guy. I’m not slut-shaming here, but it just felt like there was no real build up or need for this move to happen in the film. Plus we’ve already seen Kick-Ass kisses Night Bitch in the trailer, so they probably had to make room for that little romance later on in the film.

Speaking of night bitch, we soon see Dave is keen to don the Kick-Ass suit and get back on the streets. With Mindy walking away from fighting crime, Dave then goes out to find some more buddies he can trust to walk the streets masked with. After finding Doctor Gravity, we then soon get introduced to the team known as “Justice Forever”, led by the brilliantly casted and unrecognizable under prosthetic nose scene & almost film stealing Jim Carey. After Dave recognizes his friend Marty as battle-guy, we have Kick-Ass joining the Justice Forever. What I feel was a bit lacking in the film was the opportunity to really have a chance to deviate away from a montage and show a little more about what JF do out in the streets. But, it’s a film – sometimes you need to montage quickly in order fit in lots of detail. Wait, how many montages have we had so far?

Now what’s worth mentioning is Chris’s metamorphis as the main antagonist, The Motherfucker. The former Red Mist is out for blood and now he’s a cashed up rich kid, he’s decided to buy his way into becoming the world’s first super villain, who’s motive is to find & track down Kick-Ass so he can get revenge on Kick-Ass/Dave for blowing up Frank with a bazooka in the first film.

Again, they stick to the source material here, which given more time, might have been able to be done as a little bit more of a parody of some of the recent superhero genre films we’ve seen lately, but instead they go for Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s comedic background to make The Motherfucker look goofy and stupid. Mark Millar did a great job in the comics making one fucking good Heel out of The Motherfucker, a character so despicable, you wanted to see him die in the story. Yes, there were times you laughed in the comic, but I never got that menacing Villain I believe we could have gotten. The saving grace is that they carry out some of the amazing action sequences we see in the comic that Chris organises to take on Kick-Ass with.

Speaking of, we see The Motherfucker get his own crew, The Toxic-Mega Cunts.
Chris is aided by Javier (played by John Leguizamo – a guy I can never get sick of watching on screen) who, in another montage, helps chris put a good crew together. Now this is where the comedy works, seeing Chris on screen with Chuck Liddel was one of the funniest scene’s this year. Nobody would get away with saying what Chris D’amico said in that gym scene, but MAN it was funny to watch.
Aided by his own superhero team made up of some great characters and one amazing woman – Mother Russia (who, almost steals the film away from Jim Carrey – who stole the film) fuck NYC up, and go after Kick-Ass & Justice Forever.

While all of the above is happening, we see a fantastic character arc for Mindy Macready. She deals with the real-life hardships of, high school. Now hit girl can kill anybody in the blink of the eye, but how does Mindy handle how horrible teenagers can be and the hardships of growing up without her father by her side?
Chloe Grace-Moretz, steals this movie as Mindy & Hit-Girl. She is hands down the best part of this movie. She makes you laugh, cry, and then makes you want to see her fuck some cocksuckers up. One thing I liked about sticking to the source material, is the Hit-Girl character arc.

Well, without getting too spoilery, Chris finds a way to really kick Dave in the guts and put him down. Then once he is down, he decides to grab a chair and beat him across the head.
That was a metaphor for what happens in the film. The motherfucker can only run from kick-ass, once we see Kick-Ass face to face with the Motherfucker, we see who is the real deal.

The films final act takes us on a nice ride, but I’m disappointed in the way the film ended before the credits started rolling. Once you’ve seen the film, you’ll probably laugh at some of the lines I put in here, or this image.


If you enjoyed the first Kick-Ass film, you will love the second one.
IF you have not seen the first film, it’s probably not going to be your best entry point into the Kick-Ass franchise, so go buy or rent the first film and see that.

Well that’s all for now, Friday I will be analysing the soundwave line up announcement and putting down my thoughts on which festival I’m going to call as best value for money, until then – Adios!


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